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Writing Book Review: Bird by Bird

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Writing Book Review: Bird by Bird

Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott, is apparently a writing classic, though it’s no step-by-step writing guide. It’s really more of a philosophical discussion on writing and life in general (as the subtitle, ‘Some Instructions on Writing and Life’, suggests). If you’re a beginner writer, you might want to start with a different book, but if you’ve been writing a while you’ll probably appreciate Lamott’s (very dark) humour. What was good: Entertaining and relatively short. If you’re sick of reading too much about other writers’ huge word counts and how they make writing look pip-squeak easy, Lamott’s...

The first post…

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Hello! So this is my first blog post as Kendra the Writer. Let’s see where this goes. Preview: expect posts about writing and reading, mostly YA (my genre of choice), and a random tidbit or two. Share this:FacebookTwitterGooglePinterestEmailPrint