Books Read in April + Review of BETTER LEFT BURIED

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In April, I had the pleasure of reading a couple of really excellent manuscripts by author friends — which I annoyingly can’t share anything about! More officially, I read:

  • Snuff by Terry Pratchett — As a teenager, lots of my pocket money went on Discworld novels. My favourite book was Small Gods, and I had crushes on Casanunda and Sam Vimes. So after Terry Pratchett’s sad passing, I was prompted to finally pick up the one unread Discworld on my shelves. Snuff was a tougher read than I expected it to be, but it was a fond reminder of some favourite characters.
  • The Visitors by Rebecca Mascull — Adult literary fiction about a deafblind girl in Victorian England who can hear ghosts. I’d been intrigued by this book for a long time, and am glad I finally bought it. Mascull’s writing is truly elegant and the plot goes to some unexpected places. Looking forward to Mascull’s next book, which comes out in a  couple of months.
  • The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank — I’ve been meaning to read Anne Frank’s diary since I was about thirteen. I expected it to be heartbreaking, but never expected it to be so eloquently written. It’s as much about the experience of being a teenager as it is about hiding from Nazis, and everyone needs to read it.
  • Mind Games by Teri Terry — Sci-fi thriller from the author of the Slated trilogy. Though the idea of characters living their lives mostly in virtual reality has been done before, Teri Terry adds lots of layers and details to make the concept fully her own. Definitely kept me entertained.
  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han — Contemporary romance about a girl who writes love letters to her crushes, never intending the letters to be posted — and the fall-out when they do get posted. I love cute (Stephanie Perkins’ novels are favourites), but the main character of TAtBILB was forever baking and knitting and scrapbooking, and it was a touch too cute for me.

And my favourite read of the month:

Better-Left-Buried---front-Brother dead.
Best friend missing.
House ransacked.
Stalked by a stranger.
Attacked in the street…

…And Sarah has no idea why.

She never knew her brother was hiding a dark secret when he died. But now his reckless actions have led the wolves to her door. And the only way out is to run.

A tense, unnerving thriller that will set your heart racing, from the author of NOW YOU SEE ME.


Better Left BuriedI read Emma Haughton’s first YA thriller, Now You See Me, a couple of months ago, and loved it. So when the opportunity came up to interview Emma for the release of her second novel, I jumped at the chance. I was lucky enough to read Better Left Buried early, and ask Emma some probing questions for the interview (which you can read on Author Allsorts here).

It would be easy to say I enjoyed Better Left Buried just because of the interview, but I really did love it. I started it intending to read only a couple of chapters, then stayed up till 2 am to read the whole thing as I couldn’t put it down — and I’m very attached to my sleep, so that’s saying something!

Like all good thrillers, the tension builds skilfully throughout the novel. The troubles of the main character, Sarah, escalate from a minor unsettling event in chapter one to a Hollywood movie level of drama at the end. It’s hard to know which characters to trust, and there are multiple twists.

A really pacey, satisfying thriller. It’s out today — go grab yourself a copy!

What was the best book you read in April?


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