Books Read in September 2016

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  • American Monsters (Demon Road #3) by Derek Landy — YA fantasy horror. I’m a huge Derek Landy fan, and though Skulduggery Pleasant will always be my number one love, I’ve really enjoyed the Demon Road trilogy. American Monsters wrapped everything up nicely. Can’t wait for Landy’s next book — which I believe is another Skulduggery, yay!
  • Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies by Lindsay Ribar — YA contemporary / paranormal. This was on my TBR for centuries, though I’ve no idea where I first heard of it. It’s the story of a not-very-likeable teenage boy and his family, all of whom can magically ‘steal’ things from people, from their freckles to their feelings. It was an interesting concept, but the pacing felt a bit off.



  • The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters — Adult historical fiction. I’ve enjoyed all the Sarah Waters books I’ve read so far. The Paying Guests, set in 1922, is very much a novel of two halves, the first being all character study and romance, and the second more of a courtroom drama. I did find the first half/two-thirds a touch slow, yet I was completely absorbed, and found myself thinking about the characters long after finishing.
  • Fingersmith by Sarah Waters — Adult historical fiction. I enjoyed The Paying Guests so much, I read another Waters book straight after. I didn’t get as emotionally invested in Fingersmith as I did in The Paying Guests, but it had plot twists galore, which I loved!



  • Asking For It by Louise O’Neill — YA contemporary. You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard of Louise O’Neill and her feminist, hard-hitting books. I read her debut Only Ever Yours last year, so knew the exploration of rape in Asking For It would be unflinching. It was, and the content wasn’t always fun to read, but it’s important stuff, and it’s great that it’s provoking conversation.
  • Read Me Like a Book by Liz Kessler YA LGBT contemporary. There seemed to be lots of love for Read Me Like a Book when it came out last year. The story of a teen girl and her developing crush on a female teacher, I found it an enjoyable read.


What did you read this month?

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