The Chocolate Book Challenge

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When I heard about the Chocolate Book Challenge—comparing chocolate to your favourite books—I knew I had to take part. As a chocolatier and writer, this challenge was made for me! Thanks very much to author Kerry Drewery for tagging me (read her post here).


Dark Chocolate



Every Day David Levithan


Growing up, I was never much of a dark chocolate fan, and would give all the darkest chocs in selection boxes to my mum. Since becoming a chocolatier, I appreciate dark chocolate a lot more.

I think of dark chocolate as being a bit of an acquired taste, and more mature and sophisticated than milk or white chocolate. It also feels more substantial, and a little bit is enough to satisfy cravings. The book that best matches dark chocolate for me is Every Day by David Levithan.

Every Day is a really clever YA novel about a soul, ‘A’, who wakes up every day in a different body. Because of this, A doesn’t identify as male or female, straight or gay, a particular race or religion, fat or thin etc. The story’s incredibly thought-provoking, as we see how differently people treat A based purely on his/her appearance, sexual orientation and so on. Even the one person who gets to know the real A can’t help acting a little differently around him/her based on his/her body. Almost every chapter offers something new to think about, and I’m still pondering it a week after finishing it. A book ideal for reading slowly and savouring, just like dark chocolate.


Milk Chocolate



slated teri terry


Milk chocolate’s easy to eat and addictive. Whereas dark and white chocolate are more personal tastes, everyone likes milk chocolate, right? (Except for those odd people who don’t like chocolate at all.)

For my milk chocolate book(s), I choose the Slated trilogy by Teri Terry. Though I’ve yet to read the final instalment, I found the first two books really fun, fast-paced and satisfying. About a dystopian future in which children have their brains re-set if they’re considered a threat by the government, these books aren’t light and fluffy, but neither is the tone morbid, despite the constant twists and dramatic happenings. They’re also very popular, just like milk chocolate, and leave you craving more. (Book three, get into my hands now!)


White Chocolate



geek girl holly small


Growing up, I’d usually choose milk chocolate over white. Sometimes, though, I’d want something super-sweet, and then white chocolate would win!

White chocolate is light and fun, and Holly Smale’s Geek Girl books tick those boxes. About a fifteen-year-old geek who accidentally becomes a model, these books are loved by YA readers in general but are especially suitable for the younger end of the YA age spectrum. I’ve read Geek Girl book one and am half-way through book two, and they’re really very fun. A sweet pick-me-up when you’ve had a taxing day!


To continue the Chocolate Book Challenge, I’m tagging…

Now You See MeEmma Haughton, author of YA thriller Now You See Me, published just a few weeks ago. I love thrillers and I especially love stories with good twists (which Now You See Me is reported to have), so it’s firmly on my ‘to buy next’ list. Find Emma’s blog here.




The Hanged Man RisesSarah Naughton, author of YA novels The Hanged Man Rises and The Blood List. The Hanged Man Rises is set in Victorian London and is about a child-murderer and ghosts, and The Blood List is set in 1646 and is about witchcraft and changelings. Both sound wonderfully dark, and just my kind of thing. Find Sarah’s blog here.


Which books would you pick for dark, milk and white chocolate?


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