Glimpse Kendra Leighton

Liz only wants to be normal.

Seven years ago, Liz was in a car accident which killed her mother and left her with no memory of the first ten years of her life. Since then nothing has felt quite right: on top of the perpetual nightmares, she keeps catching glimpses of things, things that can’t really be there, that no-one else can see.

When she inherits the famous Highwayman Inn from her grandfather, and moves to live there with her dad, she is convinced it will be a fresh start: but if anything, life at the Inn is stranger than ever. The sinister caretaker and his creepy son seem to be watching her constantly . . . A boy called Zachary keeps haunting her . . . And out of the pitch-black night, the Highwayman comes riding.

Inspired by Alfred Noyes’ poem ‘The Highwayman‘, Glimpse is a ghost story, a love story, and a story of overcoming trauma.

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Much-in-Little, Constable & Robinson, an imprint of Little, Brown • June 2014


Praise for Glimpse

For any fan of ghost stories, or any fan of YA, in fact, Glimpse is a great read that I’d absolutely recommend.
Ashleigh Online
Glimpse lived up to my expectations, it’s a debut Kendra Leighton should be proud of and I can’t wait to see what this author does next.
Luna’s Little Library
Let’s just say I loved the whole thing and would highly recommend it, especially for fans of April Genevieve Tucholke, James Dawson, and Cat Winters.
Kate Ormand, author of Dark Days and The Wanderers
Kendra Leighton is a great new talent.
Nikki Sheehan, author of Who Framed Klaris Cliff?
A quietly elegant retelling of the Highwayman poem, this is an enjoyable paranormal read and a promising debut.
Robin Stevens, author of Murder Most Unladylike, Arsenic for Tea, and First Class Murder