Review: BREAKER by Kat Ellis

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Kyle Henry has a new name, a new school, and a new life. A year has passed since his serial killer father’s execution, and it finally looks like he has a chance to escape the stigma and fear that haunts him.
Until he recognizes the girl sitting in the back row in homeroom.
Naomi Steadman is immediately intrigued by Kyle, but she doesn’t know he is the son of the man who murdered her mother. What she does know is she and Kyle have a connection—and a spark that Kyle continues to back away from.
Pretty soon, the death count on campus starts to rise. Someone is set on finishing what the Bonebreaker started, and reliving the horrors of their past may be the only thing that can stop the spree.
Told in alternating viewpoints, Kat Ellis’s tale of mystery and horror is full of broken bonds and new beginnings.


Breaker, Kat EllisI loved Kat Ellis’s original and lyrical debut, Blackfin Sky, so Breaker, her second YA novel, made my list of most-anticipated-releases of this year. I jumped at the chance to get an early read — though there isn’t long to wait now, as it’s officially out tomorrow!

Blackfin Sky, with its tale of circuses and secrets, was weird and whimsical. Breaker felt a little grittier and darker, following two characters with a linked past of violence and murder. Kyle is trying to leave behind his identity as the son of a serial killer, whereas Naomi has been coping for ten years with the violent murder of her mother — a crime she doesn’t realise was committed by Kyle’s father. As Kyle and Naomi get closer, it’s a conflict waiting to happen. The tension ramps even higher when a fellow student is killed in a way that echoes the murders both teens are trying to forget.

I read most of Breaker in one sitting and didn’t want to put it down. Kyle and Naomi were compelling and believable characters, and the mystery kept me guessing. I had suspicions about several of the shadier characters, not guessing the true killer until the perfect moment. A thrilling, really satisfying read.

Can’t wait to get my hands on Kat Ellis’s third novel, Purge, out in September!

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