Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me

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Thanks very much to fellow author Sarah Naughton for tagging me to write a Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me post. Check out Sarah’s post here (her second fact has me intrigued!).

Here are my seven…

1. I have eaten chicken feet, fried bug larvae, and barbecued baby birds. They were all disgusting in their own way. (The joints of chicken feet move when you eat! Bug larvae are crunchy on the outside and squidgy on the inside, like a really gross inside-out Dime Bar!)

All part of living in China for a year, and not wanting to say ‘no’ when my table-mates ordered something unusual. It’s been almost ten years, but the memory of some of those foods still makes me queasy.

chicken feet


2. I have also been vegetarian for large chunks of my life.


Kendra eating salad


3. I used to have pink hair. I was a wannabe goth in Sixth Form, ‘wannabe’ being the key word. I dyed my hair pink multiple times, but gave up since it always washed out to a weird orange.


Kendra pink hair


4.  As a child, I loved snails, and my favourite book was Sophie’s Snail by Dick King-Smith. In the evenings, I’d go out into the garden with slices of cucumber and feed my shelled-friends. I begged my parents for some Giant African Land Snails, but they always said no. A number of years ago, I realised I was big enough to get some of my own — childhood dream achieved!


Kendra's giant snails


5. I worked part-time for four years as a cat re-homer at an animal shelter. (This one. If you live in Cambridgeshire or London and want to re-home a pet, they are the place to go.) I’ve cleaned more litter trays and made more notes on poo consistency than anyone should ever have to. But I also got paid to play with kittens, so it balanced out.


Kendra at Wood Green


6. Though I didn’t start writing seriously until 2009, I first had the idea of being a writer when I was ten. I found out the Ladybird Garden Gang books were written by a nine year old, and was immediately convinced I could be published too. I filled notebooks with short stories, but they never found a publisher. *sigh*


Garden Gang


7. The first ‘person’ I found who shared my name was a character in Paula Danziger’s Remember Me to Harold Square. I found this ridiculously exciting, since I’d spent my life being constantly told what an unusual name I had. (These were the days before Kendra in ‘Buffy’, and before Playboy Bunny Kendra.)


remember me to harold square


There you have it! Seven things you didn’t know about me.


Lies Like LoveTo share her Seven Things next, I’m tagging YA author Louisa Reid, whose second novel, Lies Like Love, comes out on July 3rd. It sounds really compelling, and I’m looking forward to getting a copy the day it’s out.





Chicken feet photo credit: toyohara / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)


  1. Blast from the past with those Garden Gang books! Really made me smile 🙂

    • Thanks, Louisa! I’d forgotten about the Garden Gang books too until I was thinking of ideas for this post. Looking forward to reading your Seven Things!

  2. Haha cute post 🙂 oh my gosh eeeeeeeesh re: the chicken feet !!!! Love the pic of you with the kitty xxx

    • Thanks Loie! Yup, those chicken feet were nasty…but the cats were very cute! xx

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