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Kendra Leighton UKYA

Adoring some of my UKYA books

Until earlier this year, it didn’t occur to me to notice where a book had been written. If it was YA, I’d heard of it, and it sounded good, I would read it.

The ‘if I’d heard of it’ part meant I was reading mostly well-hyped, US-based YA—largely because a lot of YA blogs and websites are US-based, and those were the places I was getting my book recommendations.

Then I joined Author Allsorts and realised UKYA is a ‘thing’. (Check out this post for some great UKYA definitions.) I also realised I hadn’t read a lot of it. I’d read some of the big names—Philip Pullman, Malorie Blackman, Patrick Ness and the like—but not many of the hundreds of other equally-talented UK-based authors.

I’m now setting this right. Partly because I’m going to be a UKYA author myself, but mostly because there are so many fantastic books that I’ve been missing out on. A book doesn’t have to be published by one of the major houses with a lot of hype-power in order to be amazing. It doesn’t have to come from across the Atlantic. I find it incredibly refreshing to read stories with UK settings, and to take a break from US high school tropes.

A few great websites for UKYA news and book recommendations:

Some UKYA books at the top of my TBRTo Be Read list:

And there are many, many more.

Do you read much UKYA? Any book recommendations for me?


  1. I’ve read a few UKYA books that I’d recommend, including Stolen by Lucy Christopher, Entangled by Cat Clarke, both Before I Die and You Against Me by Jenny Downham, The Declaration by Gemma Malley… I’ll keep thinking!

    The books on your TBR list look great 😀

  2. I’ll add them to my list! Thank you 🙂


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