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Last weekend was the UK’s first YA Lit Convention, and what an amazing weekend it was! All the things I love that usually exist only in my inner world — stories and writing talk and online friends — manifested in reality for forty-eight hours, and it was a very special thing.

I’m not going to try to summarise the various panels and workshops, because a) I didn’t go to that many, and b) other people have already done it so well elsewhere. (I especially like the two posts on Rants of Being a Bitter Northerner, which summarise various events. See them here and here.)

Panels, workshops and signings all took place simultaneously, and workshops were limited in number and places assigned by raffle, so it was literally impossible to do everything. I didn’t mind though, because the best part of the weekend was getting to meet lots of bloggers and authors and Twitter people — and how many of them there were!

Even though I was meeting lots of people for the first time in real life, it felt like a weekend spent with friends. Bookish people really are the nicest. (Lucy Powrie’s written a fab post about YALC and the YA community here.)

On Saturday evening I headed to the Fringe, which was a great little event for authors and bloggers organised by Sophia Bennett. I signed a few copies of Glimpse and added one to the raffle, and won a few books myself. Yay! I grabbed some Cat Clarke books, since I’ve been meaning to read them for ages. I also won a copy of Liz Kessler’s MG mermaid book, which has the prettiest cover.

Won books

Won books and freebies

Liz Kessler book

I wasn’t able to get as many books signed as I planned, since some Fringe authors weren’t able to attend, and a few of the bigger names at YALC (like Patrick Ness, Holly Smale and Rainbow Rowell) had insane queues. But I did get authors to scrawl in these for me…

Signed books

Signed books

Signed Liz Kessler

So lovely to meet lots of fellow writers and Author Allsorts members in real life, and see them with their Professional Author hats on. (Literally — James Dawson was keen to show off his sparkly new, well-deserved Queen of Teen crown!) Fab, too, to meet blogger friends old and new.

Get here faster YALC 2015!

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